Network and web hardening, FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI Compliance & HIPPA level penetration testing (virtual and physical), vulnerability scanning, simulated phishing attacks, securing SSO connections via SAML, upgrading of cpanel/WHM for greater security, log monitoring and brand reputation management available. Have you been hacked or are you wanting to secure your network more than it already is? We’re here to help.


Packages available with SEO and ongoing monitoring.

Most projects under $1500.

Hourly Rate $45

Advanced use cases:

-We recently revamped and built out the security of a a financial broker dealers website, in which independent financial advisors log in using multifactor authentication, and can then SSO securely via SAML to 15 other vendor applications.

-We assisted a car dealership marketing corporation by developing custom code to scrape Googles Streetview API. We were able to capture visitors IPs and page history on a car dealership website, track to their address, automate the process of cropping in the car that they were interested in and placing it into their driveway in a Streetview photo, and sending them that on a postcard in the mail.

We’ve created nearly 500 websites, ask for more market specific references or a free consultation today.


For peace of mind, and to keep up with the rapidly changing internet technology, we offer and highly recommend SEO webmasters services to each of my clients. We throw in so many features that it pays for itself. Ongoing work is always required to stay atop search engine listings, and this is a simple and cost effective way to achieve that and prolong the health of your website.

For our Europe clients whom already have a webmaster/developer we also offer a “Graveyard Shift Plan”. Let us handle the worrying in the middle of the night.


– One hour of editing. This is pretty straightforward, it buys you a blog post, a web page edit, a video re-rendering, or maybe a rearranging of menus, its your to use however you’d like.

– Backlinks. I attempt to build you links from the most dominant websites out there for your industry. Links with a high domain authority that will increase your pagerank with Google and Bing.

– If you are a Adwords or BingAds user (and you definitely should be) I will monitor and improve your account for you once a month and apply the most applicable/beneficial opportunities to it.

– Up-time. Your site will be personally monitored for up-time and lag-time, if anything happens it will be repaired ASAP (typically within 10 minutes)

– Backups. Your site will be backed up monthly at the server level to completely prevent data loss.

– Sitemaps. Re-submission of your sitemap to Google and Bing.

– Fetching/indexing. Your site must also be fetched/indexed by Google as often as possible, both the desktop and mobile version.

– Updating. I will make sure that your WordPress, HTML, Plugins and so forth are the most recent versions and that they are all compatible and error free once updates are completed.

– Cache. Site caches can get boggy, carts need clearing, “what’s a “expired transient in Woocommerce”?, “why am I out of unlimited server space?” I take care of all this geeky stuff.

– Blacklist, Spam and Hacker defense. Any and all sites end up dealing with one of these eventually. Your site will be protected utilizing the most advanced web-tech programming available as soon as it is released. I run blacklist checks as well.. say you email a thousand people and suddenly your site goes down because five of them labeled you a spammer, I can have you back up the same day. I can actively scan, trace, block, and ban problem or intrusive visitors to your site and repair/prevent damage from happening to your site.

– Pretty much everything else.

A lot can happen to a website, too much to list. I handle it all for you. Fee can be paid on a month to month basis, or pay as many months ahead as you like. Please contact me to set up today!

We offer packages, or an hourly rate, we can do as much work as you’d like for as long as we can be effective for you and not a minute longer. If we have revamped your site and submitted it to Google and it is best to discontinue everything until your site is crawled we will tell you so.

If you are searching for Clearwater SEO, Web Development In Tampa, or even nationally I am certain that I can bring you to what you are hoping to achieve. Here’s more on exactly what we want to do for you..

Standard SEO Battle Plan:

(Note: Keep in Mind That Each Client Is Different and Requires Much Additional, Customized Work)

-Supply client with all logins created. YOU WILL OWN ANYTHING WE CREATE.

Head Section Order

We ensure your Web pages Meta tags are in the right order: Title > Description > Social Media Open Graph. Remember, the information you put in these tags is used to render the title and description in the search engine results pages, and is what searchers see. Lets take a deeper look at these tags..

Title Tag

Title tags should be approx. nine words, plus or minus three. You want to make sure the most important information, including top keywords, show up before the cutoff in the SERP in Google at approximately 70 characters including spaces.

Description Tag

The description tag should also be mindful to include the most important info and keywords before the SERP cutoff at approximately 160 characters in Google. Too many words and they will include something at random from the linked page.

Heading Tags

In the body of your content, make sure your first Heading tag always begins as an H1. Subsequent heading tags should be H2, H3, H4 etc., and be used as the pages table of contents. For example, H2 is a subhead of H1. H1 should be the same as one of your keywords in the meta data.

Overall Word Count

The amount of words you have on a Web page will vary by topic, keyword and intent. But, in general, less than 250 words is rarely recommended especially if you’re trying to optimize for keywords. Informational Web pages will almost always warrant at least 450 words. And quality, natural content that reads well is key.

Alt Attributes with Keywords

We ensure your images have proper descriptions associated with them, and if appropriate, keywords for the page. Alt attributes are also required to validate your HTML code.

Fully Qualified Links

If you make your links fully qualified, there’s no question by search engine spiders, browsers, etc. as to where the file is located and what it’s about. If your link looks something like ../../pagename (a relative link), then it may result in crawl issues for some search engines. Rather than complex URLs, use fully qualified links (http://www.URL). And the site map should always have fully qualified URLs and include every page in your site, linked or not.

Make JavaScript/CSS External

We will be sure the most important code is the first thing the search engine bots crawl. You can externalize the code that gets in the way of this to ensure there aren’t unnecessary lines above the body text.

Keyword Strategy

The keyword strategy is an ongoing process that essentially never ends. It starts with extensive research and reiterates with extensive research. Nobody knows what your business is better than you do, so if I were to start a SEO run with you I would ask you for a rough list of what five keyword phrases you think your target customer would type in to Google to find your business. I would then adjust and expand this list to include “low hanging fruit” (keywords people are searching for that there isn’t much competition for) and exclude impossible to reach keywords. (Say you sold cars, and you wanted to rank #1 for “new car” just not realistic.) What you should always watch out for when hiring an SEO firm is someone who says “OK give me the ten keywords you want us to optimize your site for and thats what well do”. This is charlatanism. An honest SEO firm will take your suggestions and research them and then come back to you with a list of realistic terms that are feasible.

Linking Strategy

Your inbound/outbound links should be part of an organic, natural strategy in compliance with search engine guidelines, and be monitored regularly. Outbound links are generally not a good thing, and inbound links from a site that is completely irrelevant to your business can actually be a bad thing.

Server Configuration

We will properly configure your web-hosting server, looking for 404 errors, 301 redirects, crawl, html, site speed, dns propogation, load time, xhtml parsing and other errors. I will install and configure any items that Google looks positively upon such as robots.txt, .htaccess, and sitemap_index.xml.

Twitter/Facebook/Youtube Cards and Bootstrap Java

You need all of these set up. Google looks for it. I install code that allows for social media sites to preload information into themselves whenever a person on a social media site references your website. What does this mean? It means that whenever someone simply talks about your site, your site will get an inbound link out of it that it can control the appearance of. The more inbound links there are, the better the site ranks, and instead of just seeing a quick tinylink on twitter etc. for your site we’ll make it a small blurb with a fancy image and have attractive click-able content that people will follow.

Bootstrap is code that allows for your site to be view-able on any device and can be implemented within WordPress. Be it iPad, Android, Laptop, or LCDTV. Bootstrap should be on every site in my opinion, as it is the next greatest thing in the geek-world.


A well thought out PayPerClick campaign should be considered, and should NOT always be necessary. PPC is great for filling in the holes of a business’s site until natural organic SEO manages to gain traffic. I can set you up new PPC campaigns for both Google and Bing and get you a free credit of $100 for each to bid on your most high value keyword. If it works out for you, great, if for some reason you down the line decide it is not something you want to do, well then it was free so we just turn it off. Most often, PPC is misused by targeting generalized irrelevant terms that don’t attract the correct visitor to your site. We will laser sight your targets and Ads to correct demographics while using negative keywords to eliminate waste.

If your site is cleaned up and configured well there is a blanket approach I would take to getting it more traffic.

We would set up new sitemaps at Google local/Google blog/Google marketplace/ Google circles/Google webmasters tools/Google analytics/ alexa/ bing/ yahoo local/yahoo marketplace/ facebook/ twitter/ BlogSpot/ wordpress/ Alexa/ Manta/ linkedIn and on and on and on.. when everything points at your site like this Google really starts to take notice. Things begin to take off naturally pretty quick, because we played by all the rules.

It works. We have measurable results from prior and current clients that we can provide. Not far-fetched or worthless SERP increases that SEO hustlers try to show as proven results. (EI: This or that useless three word key-phrase has so and so many more impressions, do give us more money now) No, we show our clients graphed, ski-slopes of actual traffic to their site, traffic that is from their real, highly targeted, potential-customer.

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For my clients I offer the full spread of web-hosting, domain registration and email services. Including cloud space, VPN, dedicated servers, SSL certificates and much more. I garauntee 99.9% uptime and 24/7 free support.