HBO specials

1977 On Location: George Carlin at USC

1978 George Carlin: Again!

1982 Carlin at Carnegie

1984 Carlin on Campus

1986 Playin’ with Your Head

1988 What Am I Doing in New Jersey?

1990 Doin’ It Again

1992 Jammin’ in New York

1996 Back in Town

1997 George Carlin: 40 Years of Comedy

1999 You Are All Diseased

2001 Complaints and Grievances

2005 Life Is Worth Losing

2008 It’s Bad for Ya


1968 With Six You Get Egg roll (Herbie Fleck)

1976 Car Wash (Taxi Driver)

1979 Americathon (Narrator)

1987 Outrageous Fortune (Frank Madras)

1989 Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure (Rufus)

1990 Working Tra$h (Ralph Sawatzky)

1991 Bill And Ted’s Bogus Journey (Rufus)

1991 The Prince Of Tides (Eddie Detreville)

1995 Streets Of Laredo (Billy Williams)

1999 Dogma (Cardinal Ignatius Glick)

2001 Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back (Hitchhiker)

2003 Scary Movie 3 (Architect)

2004 Jersey Girl (Bart Trinké)

2005 Tarzan 2 (Zugor; voice only)

2005 The Aristicocrats (Himself)

2006 Cars (Fillmore; voice only)

2006 Mater And The Ghostlight (Fillmore; voice only)

2007 Happily N’Ever After (Wizard; voice only)


1966 The Kraft Summer Music Hall

1966 That Girl (Guest Appearance)

The Ed Sullivan Show (Multiple Appearances)

1968 The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (Guest Appearance)

1969 What’s My Line? (Guest Appearance)

1969 The Game Game (Guest Appearance)

1971-­‐1973 The Flip Wilson Show (Writer/Performer)

1972 The Mike Douglas Show (Guest)

1978 Welcome Back, Cotter (Guest Appearance)

1975 & 1984 Saturday Night Live (Host: Episodes 1 & 183)

1987 Nick At Nite (Station IDs)

1988 Justin Case (As Justin Case)

1991-­‐1995 Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends (American Narrator)

1991-­‐1993 Shining Time Station (As Mr. Conductor/Narrator)

1994-­‐1995 The George Carlin Show (As George O’Grady)

1995 Streets of Laredo (As Billy Williams)

1996-­‐1997 Mr. Conductor’s Thomas Tales (As Mr. streetplan Conductor/Narrator)

1998 The Simpsons (As Munchie: Episode “D’oh-­‐in In The Wind)

1999 Storytime With Thomas (AsMr. Conductor/Narrator)

The Daily Show (Multiple Appearances 1999-­‐2004)

2000 MADtv (Guest Appearance: Episodes 518 & 524)

2004 Inside The Actors Studio

2008 Cars Toons: Mater’s tall Tales (As Fillmore)


1984 Sometimes A Little Brain Damage Can Help

1997 Brain Droppings

2001  Napalm And Silly Putty

2004 When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?

2009 Last Words (Posthumous Release)


1963 Burns And Carlin At The Playboy Club Tonight

1967 Take-­‐Offs And  Put-­‐Ons

1972 FM And AM

1972 Class Clown

1973 Occupation: Foole

1974  Toledo Window Box

1975 An Evening With Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo

1977 On The Road

1981 A Place For My Stuff

1982 Carlin At Carnegie

1984 Carlin On Campus

1986 Playin’ With Your Head

1988 What Am I Doing In New Jersey?

1990 Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics

1992 Jammin’ In New York

1996 Back In Town

1999 You Are All Diseased

2001 Complaints And Grievances

2002 George Carlin On Comedy

2006 Life Is Worth Losing

2008 It’s Bad For Ya


1978 Indecent Exposure: Some Of The Best Of George Carlin

1984 The George Carlin Collection

1992 Classic Gold

1999 The Little David Years

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